So I've finally finished exams (!!) and have ten beautiful weeks ahead of me free from responsibility and (more importantly) studying! This gives me a chance to get back into big time working out and pure dedication to achieving a body I'm happy with. To do this I thought I'd share my plan, mainly as a way to properly think through what I'm going to do and motivate me to stick to it.

fitness goals:
tone up - focus on arms and bum
improve my 5k time to less than 40 minutes
be able to touch my toes

 So here's the plan (fingers crossed)
Monday - yoga class
Tuesday - 2.5km run + booty workout
Wednesday - arm workout
Thursday - 5km run + ab workout
Friday - arms + booty workout
Saturday - rest
Sunday - hike

healthy bit of fitspo, a must

thanks for reading!


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