30 BRUSHES FOR £10 ??


I'm one of those girls who loves a bargain. I was recently looking at brushes on beautybay and websites like that and I'm so reluctant to spend £20 on like one brush ?? (do people actually do that?) 

So obviously, I went to eBay instead to find alternatives. With not very much looking, I found a seller called e-onsale365 selling packs of 10 or 20 makeup brushes, all for less than £10?! What made me more suspicious is that they were based in Leeds and offering free postage?

I thought for the sake of £10 I could afford to give these brushes a whirl. I ordered a set of 10 face brushes (£3.95) and 20 eye brushes (£4.51).

So this is how they arrived, exactly true to the picture! The size of these brushes are really nice (some pictures showed the five larger brushes about half the size of the skinnier ones) and don't feel very cheap at all. I gave a few of them a try and they were lovely, the larger ones blend foundation surprisingly well considering the price, and the skinnier ones were great for detailed highlighting and contouring. I even tried washing the ones I used expecting a few bristles to fall out but was pleasantly surprised! 

I was less happy with these brushes but for less than 25p per brush I can hardly complain..
It's a hefty number of brushes but in all honesty I'm not sure what I'll use them all for. There are a few duplicates in the pack which I've ended up giving away. Also, a lot of angled brushes and paddle brushes in different sized which I suppose will come in handy for using with different colours (ie one for dark shades, one for lipsticks and like that). Another slight irritation with these brushes is that the bristles are a hideous orange colour whereas in the picture they're a nicer brown colour, and look more practical shapes frankly.
However, they are really nice for application and even after washing I haven't experienced any malting with these either!

So to sum up, these brushes are ideal if you're on a budget. The seller was great and they arrived in perfect condition on time. The quality considering the price is outstanding. I would really recommend these for bulking out a collection or starting out (especially the face brushes for contouring). 

thanks for reading x


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