So you know when you first get your phone and you buy the cheapest case to protect it til you find a nice one?? Well that was me except it took me 18 months to actually get round to buying one....

Being the abso bargain hunter I am, the first place I looked for a phone case had to be eBay. I managed to find this beauty from a company called Tirita, who is a European brand producing predominately iPhone cases, but also making cases for all major phone models.

Marble Tirita phone case - £4.99 at eBay

So this is the case I settled on. I've seen a lot of marble textures all over tumblr and instagram over the past few months and wanted to have my own slice of luxury. I abso live for marble. This particular case I got off eBay for the extremely reasonable £4.99. It arrived early than it was scheduled too and fits my phone perfectly. I've had it on for about a month now (I wanted to trial it before I wrote a post) and it has served me well. It only has a few minor scratches but more of a comment on my clumsiness than the quality of the case. It looks so gorgeous and I've received so many compliments on it, I'm obsessed

Since I started writing this post I've been looking at Tiritas website and I've fallen in love with their range. I thought I'd pick out a few of my favourites they're doing at the minute and share them with you here. I'm definitely going to treat myself to a few more in the future, these designs are so gorgeous and unique!
Mandala N.7
Paradise N.15
Japanese Bloom N.3


btw I also found out tirita means plaster in Spanish! 

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  1. Hey! Love your blog. I was just wondering is this case matte or shiny? I've been looking for cases for ages and I found this brand. They are really beautiful but they've had some negative reviews on Amazon which have totally thrown me. Also did yours come with scratches on it at all? Thank you!!


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